Buildings are an important last mile connection to the grid of the future, and demand flexibility offered by buildings and equipment is an opportunity untapped. The ZerO-In platform expands the discussion from a singular net zero building to high performing, smart, connected and flexible developments which have lower environmental impact.

Grid-Interactive Net Zero Energy Buildings (G-NZEB) can be described as ‘highly energy-efficient, grid-connected buildings that meet their energy needs through renewable means, while maintaining a two-way communication with the grid’. This approach includes buildings and communities that offset their energy use through renewable energy certificates; or meet their energy requirements through renewable energy generated on- or off-site. The community, utility, and the grid form symbiotic entities of such a G-NZEB web.

The section contains background, concepts, definitions, terminologies, dialogues, resources on grid interactive high performing buildings, especially in the context of their development in India and South Asia.