Building Management System

Building management system is a complete automation program which links all building components, energy use, controls, and schedules with a central system used to monitor the energy use pattern of the building and optimize the energy efficiency. Effective use of BMS system ensures optimized building performance and reduced energy use. This leads to reduced operational cost and increased operational life of an equipment (through/by) reducing loads and operating hours.

Key features of a BMS are as below:

  1. Monnitors and records the building energy use based on the season and relevant schedule
  2. Estimates the energy use for each respective building component and highlights the energy efficiency potential in each component based on the building performance compared to international best practices
  3. Develops an energy management plan for the facility manager based on the energy use pattern, design conditions, and component wise energy use.
  4. Highlights recommendations based on energy efficiency and energy use pattern so that facility team could incorporate energy efficiency equipment, controls, other relevant strategies on the component with high energy efficiency potential.
  5. Identifies the equipment abnormalities and failure early in time
  6. Supports the identification of unusual pattern of energy usage, such as our use of equipments, lighting, etc.

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