Industry Roundtable on Building Green: Approach & Insights for Market Transformation

Launch of the Whitepaper on 'Building Green: Approach & Insights for Market Transformation'

Buildings have a significant impact on the environment, both on a local and a global scale. Every stage of the building has a measurable environmental impact: the mining & transportation of materials to building site, the construction process itself, the waste removal and disposal process; and the continual use of natural resources such as energy, water for the entire operating life of the building. Through all stages of the building, different stakeholders intervene and contribute towards decision making and action thereof, which can determine the level of impact a building has on the environment during its design, construction, and operation stage. For India, with a rapidly developing global economy, it is crucial that it moves towards making buildings efficient, cost effective and healthy for occupants. To do so, the country needs to reach a stage of an effective and complete market transformation of the building industry.

Building energy efficiency has been a key element of the U.S.-India energy partnership since 2000. USAID’s MAITREE Program is supporting efforts for scaling up of green and energy-efficient buildings in India. These strategies include the adoption of cutting-edge technology, innovative business models, global best practices, green products and services, and end-user engagement. USAID and USGBC signed an MoU under the MAITREE program to work together to support the development of a vibrant green building market at national and regional scale. A white paper on “Building Green: Approach & Insights for Market Transformation”, is an outcome of this partnership. The whitepaper was developed through a nationwide research, with the objective of identifying, characterising and ranking market barriers for mainstreaming green building practices in India. The study also captured the shift in perception in a post COVID-19 world.

An industry roundtable was organized on September 17th, 2020; wherein findings of this research paper were presented. The report was released by Mr. S P Garnaik, Executive Director, EESL. This was followed by a moderated discussion with industry leaders from UL, Hines, HKS and Carrier on their perspectives for making energy efficiency and green building practices mainstream. Globally over 260 participated for the event, which included developers, architects, bi-lateral organizations, consulting, energy utility services, educational institutions, and industry manufacturers.