NZEB Goals

California’s NZEB strategies are one of its “Big Bold Energy Efficiency Strategies” to achieve long term energy efficiency through market transformation. The NZEB policy vision, authored by California Public Utilities Commission, the leading implementing body for NZEB policies in the state, specifies ultra-high energy efficiency as vital in achieving net zero energy goals. Clean energy production and demand response is also to be encouraged to realize net zero energy buildings.

NZEB Goals
The state has developed separate milestones for residential and commercial buildings. By 2020, all new residential construction in California will be net zero energy. By 2030, all new commercial construction and 50% of existing commercial buildings in the state will also be net zero energy. Distinct zero energy targets are set for federal buildings. By 2015, 15% of existing federal buildings will conform to new energy efficiency standards and 100% of all new federal buildings will be zero net energy by 2030.

Near (2009-2011), mid-term (2012-2015) and long term (201-2020) milestones have been framed for timely implementation of the NZEB policy goals and to map progress toward the overarching objectives.