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Route to Net Zero – Europe

This live event on Route to Net Zero: Europe, will help you to understand the stages to net zero, learn from local climate experts, and encourage action to be taken in your company. With so much uncertainty in the world, and with climate change escalating, now is the time to work together.

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October 2021

Monthly updates about our initiatives, global highlights and everything NZEB! October 2021 Bulletin ZerO-In | Grid Interactive Net Zero Energy Buildings (G-NZEB) ​Countries across the globe are working on two fronts: …

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Solar Decathlon India 2021-22 Challenge

The Solar Decathlon India 2021-22 Challenge enables student teams to explore affordable building solutions that are innovative and forward looking. Student teams design resilient, net-zero-energy-water buildings for real building projects…

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Grid-Interactive Net Zero Energy Buildings

Grid-Interactive Net Zero Energy Buildings (G-NZEB) can be described as ‘highly energy-efficient, grid-connected buildings that meet their energy needs through renewable means, while maintaining a two-way communication with the grid’.

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Unnati Office

Access a host of case studies of high performance, super-efficient, and net zero energy buildings from India, South Asia, and other regions. Every month we highlight a high performance building that stands out for its innovative features.

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nZEB Alliance

The NZEB Alliance is a network of innovators and early adopters of NZEB concept in India. The Alliance aims to accelerate the building sector towards NZEB goals by providing an open forum for exchange of thoughts, ideas, and success stories. The Alliance membership is open to all private and public companies, institutions, associations and individuals interested in advancing NZEB initiatives, energy efficient technologies, best practices, policies, and programs.

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Renewable Energy technologies for NZEBs

Every month we underscore a webinar from our nZEB Knowledge Series or an event organized under the USAID MAITREE program to accelerate the discussion on net zero energy buildings.



USAID led Market Integration and Transformation Program for Energy Efficiency (MAITREE) is aimed at accelerating the adoption of cost-effective energy efficiency as a standard practice within buildings, and specifically focuses on cooling. MAITREE is a part of the US-India bilateral partnership between the Ministry of Power and USAID. This nZEB Knowledge Portal is a part of the outreach efforts of the MAITREE program.