Design Considerations

  • Lighting is designed based on the space functional requirement and user behaviour. Select possible lamps available in the market to meet the objective.
  • Designer should estimate the basic lighting requirement based on the lux requirement for each lamp category and select lamp with best life cycle cost and energy saving potential.
  • Consider Maintenance factor – The installed lighting should be design to meet the design requirement for a period of time. A gradual decrease of illuminance is observed in all lighting technologies with time because of following reasons:
    • Lamp output reduction (Lamp lumen maintenance factor)
    • Dirt on luminaire (Luminaire maintenance factor)
    • Dirt on room surfaces (utilization factor)
  • Optimize the lighting requirement based on the use of a simulation software. Many recognized softwares like Daysim, AGI 32, Dialux etc are available, which simulate the space with selected lamp and luminaire category and report the uniformity and lighting lux level achieved in a space.
  • For a NZEB, designer should target a LPD reduction of at least 50% of the value stated in ECBC.