Resources & Tools

AGi32: AGI32 is a three dimensional artificial and natural lighting design and rendering software. The software is based on direct calculation with limited ray tracing. The software is capable of accurate results based on comprehensive lighting system calculation, radiosity – based point by point, and rendered visualization. It’s a user friendly program with easy to understand interface, comprehensive luminaire library, and capable of importing AutoCAD models. Key feature of AGI32 is as below:

  • Simple point by point surface calculation
  • Large complex spaces with direct and reflected light
  • Day light integration
  • Space visualization during lighting design and planning stage
  • Basic rendering

Lumen Designer: Lumen designer is based on the updated calculation engine of Lumen Micro. The key feature of this software is the interface which enables the user to design and analyze a space with advance modelling and simulation tools like AutoCAD. This software is the only software based on the hybrid calculation model including ray tracing and radiosity, especially for specular and matte materials and producing accurate and realistic results in terms of accuracy and rendering. The software also comes along with the plug in for more advance lighting rendering. Advance day lighting is also an additional feature.

DIALux: DIALux is a free of charge, radiosity based lighting simulation software. The key advantage of DIALux is the luminaire library which has been developed including all key manufacturers globally. This software is available in 26 languages and a very easy to use software. Such diverse attributes of this software makes it one of the most common softwares used worldwide for lighting simulaition. Daylighting and basic rendering is also an added advantage of this software. The software is also capable of complex calculation as per photo-realistic rendering.

Radiance:  Radiance is a highly accurate ray tracing software capable of high quality images. This software is also free of charge. The key feature of this software is the capability of this software to simulate any model irrespective of geometry or material. This software includes the concept of spectral radiance, irradiance, and glare indices within its calculation algorithm. Daylighting is also an add-on feature of this software. Developing photo realistic presentation images is the best use of radiance software. This software can be used as a plug in to many softwares like ecotect etc as their advance rendering engine.

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