Building Frugally. Living by Example

A holistic and integrated approach to sustainable development

We live in challenging times when no technological solutions may be enough to avert the lifestyle changes we will be forced to make. This webinar looked at innovative, local and contextual solutions for Building medium scale projects, by some of the experts in the field.  The discussion focused on applied research and innovations by two experts, Chitra Vishwanath & Kiran Vaghela and moderated by Dharmesh Jadeja.  Suhasini Ayer Guigan and Siddhartha Wig, who are both experts in the field and share their deep insights through their experiences and provocations, were co-moderators.
The webinar featured two built projects, that demonstrated how the projects architects had successfully deployed appropriate use of technologies.  The speakers discussed viable solutions, that can be replicated anywhere to reduce the energy footprint of the built forms, while also integrating, local crafts and traditional building technologies that are fast disappearing.
Chitra Vishwanath shared her experiences of building with minimum resources and existing skill sets within the urban fabric of Bangalore in South India. Her architectural expression is very contemporary and draws from traditional wisdom of enjoying simple pleasures by connecting spaces, inside – outside, seamlessly. The economy of scale, intelligent application of available waste material that is reused, & minimising cost while creating playful spaces, is hallmark of her work. Her special concern for artisanal skills, well being of teams employed labour & appreciation of site conditions, for each project is unique and demonstrates a strong case of urban architectural solution that is ecologically sensitive & economically viable.
Kiran Vaghela works with Hunnarshala Foundation in Bhuj and as a mentor at Studio Dot. He explored the relevance of traditional artisanal knowledge and skills, that can be employed to create vernacular yet very contemporary solutions. His work also integrates skill-upgradation with the working team on site, while creatively exploring building with waste wood, pure earth, lime plasters, sand packed foundation techniques, that are very local, economic, appropriate and climatically responding to the site context. His architectural expression is poetic, creative and experimental while being in the realm of sustainability.
To summarize, the session looks at a more holistic and integrated approach towards sustainable development is called for at all levels of our daily lives, to chart together a more conscious path forward…to create networks and communities of concerned, connected individuals and groups that are optimistic and positive in their approach.

Chitra Vishwanath | Biome Environmental Solutions, Bengaluru

“Architect by serendipity who is flowing through life stoically with a huge load of doubt. Summing up – I am a short term pessimist and long term optimist – a short fuzzy human.”

Kiran Vaghela | Studio Dot

“Dreamer, a poet and an artist; Blurring boundaries between minimalism, traditions & aesthetic expression, his work and relationship with his context and culture has built bridges between artisans, architecture & art.”

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