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Online free solar photovoltaic energy calculator for stand-alone or connected to the grid PV systems and plants, in Europe, Africa and Asia. Solar electricity generator simulation and solar radiations maps.

PVgis is  a free online tool to estimate the solar electricity production of a photovoltaic (PV) system. It gives the annual output power of solar photovoltaic panels. As a photovoltaic Geographical Information System it proposes a googlemap application that makes it easy to use.

The Solar Planner


The website hosts a number of calculators, tools, and apps for sising and designing PV arrays.

SolDesigner – SolDesigner is a useful tool for hot water design, solar heating of buildings and pools. This a latest tool for detailed hydraulic and control design of solar thermal plants.

PVcad – PVcad is a special tool designed for PV façade design. The advance algorithms of PVcad helps in estimating electrical energy yield based on direct and diffuse sunlight, shading, geographical location etc. Key features are – electrical energy yield of a grid connected PV system, component database with app 250 modules and 100 inverters, weather database with 1900 locations etc.

RadOnCol – RadOnCal is a simple to use tool to estimate the solar radiations on a solar flat plate collector based on location, azimuth angle, and tilt angle. It provides hourly and monthly collected energy for full sunshine conditions

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