Delhi government has set a target of 1 GW of solar power generation daily through rooftop installations by 2020. This is to be increased to 2 GW by 2025. To achieve this target, the government has proposed 30% subsidy in capital investment and mandatory installation for all government and commercial buildings. The schemes offers home owners alternatives – they can either avail the subsidy for installing rooftop PV themselves or lease out roof space to firms in exchange for using electricity generated through the PV system. Owners will be able to sell surplus back to the utility. An incentive. An incentive of Rs. 2 will be provided per additional unit of electricity generated and sold to the utility. No approvals will be required for installation and panels will allowed to be mounted on frames to keep terrace space free for other activities like clotheslines, terrace gardens etc..

NZEBs can be possible and more economical in Delhi now!