How feasible is it to pair adorable housing with net-zero energy design? A project in Providence, Rhode Island called ‘Sheridan Small Homes’ is soon going to answer this question. The site plan consists of five houses, each of 750 sq.ft built on a 0.75-acre plot. The project costing $1.4 billion is majorly funded through a program called ‘Zero Energy for the Ocean State’ which is a public-private partnership between Rhode Island Housing, National Grid, and the state Office of Energy Resources.

Some of the features of the houses include triple-glazed windows, 11-inch thick walls, electric heat pumps, highly insulated roofs and PV panels. To enable equal share in the solar generated energy, the managing association will own the solar panels. The project aims to serve as a blueprint for future projects, as the city has identified some 250 vacant, tax-reverted lots that might be suitable for small, affordable homes.

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