Cochin Airport to be Powered by Solar


KOCHI: India has the potential to achieve government’s ambitious plan to increase its solar power capacity target five-fold to 100GW by 2022, a top executive of Bosch Ltd has said. “India has the potential to achieve the government’s ambitious target of 100GW of solar power generation in the country by 2022 and Bosch is committed to be a part of this success story,” Steffen Berns, president of Bosch India and managing director Bosch Limited, said in a release. Read more…

For Japan homebuilders zero is magic number


TOKYO — Major homebuilders in Japan are hoping to sell many more net-zero energy houses, that is, homes whose efficient designs and solar panels mean they have a net energy consumption of zero. In some cases, they may even be net energy producers.

Misawa Homes plans to build zero-energy houses for sale on a large scale in fiscal 2017. The company has already introduced homes with high-performance fiberglass insulation and solar panels as standard features in relatively inexpensive houses targeting people in their 30s. Read more…