Central Railway received the “Shunya Label” from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for two Net Zero Energy Buildings (Senior Secondary Railway School and the Administrative Building of the Zonal Railway Training Institute (ZRTI)) on October 2023. The Administrative Building boasts a connected load of 288.48 KW, a built-up area of 6503 sqm, an annual energy consumption of 40,379 kWh, and an annual energy generation of 237,484 kWh. Its Energy Performance Index stands at (-) 30.3 kWh/sqm/year, and it has been awarded the “Shunya Plus” label. The Senior Secondary Railway School has a 42 KW connected load, a built-up area of 4,126 sqm, an annual energy consumption of 9,752 kWh/year, and an energy performance index of 2.36 kWh/sqm/year. It has been awarded the “Shunya” label. Read More